PDA Day - Participation


Classified Professionals and Management Team: 

All district offices will be closed to the public all day on February 13, 2020, unless an exception to allow offices providing essential services to remain open is requested by the Supervising Administrator through the Vice President of Human Resources. This district-wide public closure is so that all may attend, and all employees are encouraged to join in the full day of activities. All attendees are asked to check their employment type on a piece of paper at each session so that we may assess each employee group’s areas of interest. The Plenary session will take place from 8:30-10:00am at Burbank Auditorium on the Santa Rosa Campus. Employees may select from a variety of workshops to attend during the remaining sessions. At 11:45am, all attendees are invited for a festive lunch and an opportunity for community building.

Regular Faculty:
The 2019-20 PDA Days are Friday, August 16, 2019 and Thursday, February 13, 2020. These dates are mandatory attendance for full-time faculty.

Attendance & Verification
Faculty with semester length assignments are released from their regular duties to attend professional development activities and are paid for attendance. Attendance verification is required by the Chancellor’s Office. To complete your flex credit verification AFTER completion of an approved activity, click on this link to go to your Faculty Portal to record your Flex credit. 

Faculty members may not choose to perform other district activities in lieu of attendance at PDA Day activities without approval from the Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs/Asst Superintendent. There will be no make up for activities missed. A Notice of Absence (NOA) form must be filed with Human Resources by May 26, 2020, if absent. 

Adjunct Faculty (including Unit A): 
Adjunct Faculty are welcome and encouraged to attend PDA Day, but attendance is not mandatory. If you have a faculty flex requirement for the Spring 2020 semester, this event can be used towards that flex requirement (a completed electronic verification form is necessary to receive credit), but if your class is cancelled or your requirement changes for any reason, you may end up not being paid for this day.

Adjunct faculty flex obligations are equal to the total number of hours taught in full-semester classes on Tuesday, Thursday and/or Friday during the Spring 2020 semester.

Sign Language Interpretation Services

Employees in need of sign language interpreter services or assistance on PDA Day, are asked to contact Disability Resources at least one week in advance.

Contact Disability Resources:
527-4487 (voice) or 623-1630 (VP)
A. Dreamer: adreamer@santarosa.edu

Faculty, please Check Your Flex through your faculty cubby on a regular basis to monitor the status of your flex requirement.