Professional Development Committee

Professional Development provides coordination of PDA days and a variety of professional development activities; assistance and support for faculty, administrative, and classified staff development projects; seminars and training activities; information on professional development opportunities; and offers a Resource Room which includes a professional development library of printed and recorded materials.

The Professional Development Committee meets bi-monthly and has a tri-chair structure with the following individuals serving as tri-chairs: Vice President of Human Resources or designee, Classified Representative appointed by the Classified Senate and a Faculty Professional Development Coordinator.

The committee includes twelve representatives from the following constituent groups:

  • Two administrators, appointed by the Superintendent/President
  • Four Classified representatives, appointed by the Classified Senate
  • Six faculty (four appointed by the Academic Senate, one appointed by the All Faculty Association and one adjunct faculty appointed by the All Faculty Association)

Philosophy and Mission

The Sonoma County Junior College District is committed to providing high quality instruction and services to our students. The college's mission statement and institutional goals highlight the need for faculty and staff that are “knowledgeable and current in their fields.” This commitment identifies the recognized need for an ongoing professional development program at the college.

The district professional development committee structure has been established to facilitate the identification and provision of programs and activities to meet the professional development needs of all district personnel.

The professional development program includes: a professional development activity calendar of workshops (aka The Menu of Activities); trainings and individually designed activities; orientation programs for new employees; a variety of ongoing training programs; recognition programs; and when funding is available provides support for all district personnel to enhance their knowledge and skills through state funded professional development projects and the Enrollment Fee Reimbursement Program for employees enrolling in SRJC courses related to their employment.