Standing Flex Activities

The following activities are pre-approved for Flex credit and are offered with varying schedules or are at your own pace (on-demand).
Be sure to claim the flex in your faculty portal.

Note: To claim Standing Flex activities, they are located under the Menu of Activity drop down in your faculty portal.

These activities are intended for use by the employees of Santa Rosa Junior College.

FF:01 AFA Retreats & Workshops
FF:02 Art Shows
FF:03 Arts and Lectures
FF:04 Black History Month
FF:05 Hiring Committee Trainings
FF:06 Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, South Asian Heritage Month Events
FF:07 Theater Arts Productions
FF:08 We the Future Social Justice Conference
FF:09 Work of Literary Merit (WOLM)
FF:10 Women's History Month
FF:11 Archeological Institute of America Lecture
FF:12 HERENCIA Lecture Series
FF:13 HSI/Lanzamiento Lecture Series
FF:14 Special Graduation Ceremonies  
FF:15 Petaluma Cinema Series
FF:16 SSU Holocaust Lecture Series
FF:17 Academic Senate Retreats & Workshops
FF:18 Environmental Forum The Environmental Forum is a lecture series every spring featuring environmental professionals and community activists who share their experiences in working to make society more sustainable and equitable. It is offered to students as a 1-credit class, and faculty can attend for flex credit. Specific announcements of scheduled lectures are emailed to the community throughout the semester.
FF:19 Faculty Appreciative Observations  
FF:21 Research in Your Discipline (Reading, Viewing, Listening, Writing) Any research you do in your discipline that goes beyond what is involved in preparing for the courses you teach can be claimed for flex credit. This may include, for example, independent reading of peer reviewed journals in your discipline, writing articles or book reviews, attending conferences related to your discipline, watching performances or recorded lectures related to your discipline, etc.
FF:22 MeCHA Retreat  
FF:23 Music Concerts and Recitals
FF:24 Petaluma Faculty Forum Retreat
FF:25 Teaching Fellows Program
FF:26 Learning to Teach a Diverse Student Body  
FF:27 Asian Pacific Islander History Month Events
FF:28 Dance Shows
FF:29 Native American History Month Events
FF:30 Program or Discipline Discussions  
FF:31 Second Chance Month Events
FF:32 World Languages Fair
FF:33 Distance Education Training
FF:34 Community of Practice Work (Unpaid)  
FF:35 Welcome Days
FF:36 Professional Consultation (w/ Librarian, CRC tech, Counselor)  
FF:37 Athletic Events