The Enrollment Fee Reimbursement program provides SRJC employees with an opportunity to improve skills and increase knowledge by enrolling in SRJC courses which are directly job related. 
For the 2022-2023 academic year, employees will be reimbursed the $46 per unit registration fee* for any course units completed at Santa Rosa Junior College that are related to job duties, skill building for job advancement, Health and Wellness or Spanish language acquisition. (Classified, Management, and full-time Faculty are eligible to have their health fee waived). Please contact the Accounting Department for more information. Examples of eligible courses could include classes on software training needed for work, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, and many more.  Classes in accounting, leadership, and supervision might also be appropriate.  Spanish courses may also be considered relevant, to better serve the needs of our growing Latino/a student population. And, in recognition and support of our strategic plan goal to Cultivate a Healthy Organization, classes aimed at improved health and wellness may be covered as well. 
You can see the classes offered on the schedule of classes. In order to enroll at the college, please see the admissions page and click on your appropriate enrollment status.
Reimbursement is limited to a maximum of 6 units per semester. Community education, non-credit and/or courses taken P/NP are not eligible for tuition reimbursement through this program.
Courses must be pre-approved for tuition reimbursement through your supervisor as noted below. 
To apply for enrollment reimbursement:
  1. As soon as possible, fill out the Tuition Enrollment Reimbursement application (at Enrollment Fee Reimbursement Application), print, sign and route for your supervisor’s signature. 
  2. Submit the completed form as indicated for the following eligible employee groups below:  
  • Classified Staff: Classified employees should submit the request for reimbursement form to their direct supervisor to verify that the class is job related.  Your supervisor will review, sign, and if approved, will send the form on to Brenda Dixon in Human Resources prior to the end of the class. 
Article 22 of the SEIU contract allows classified staff  up to three hours of release time for semester length courses; however, an intensive short course may be approved as well.  The maximum allowable in any given semester is 52.5 hours of release time. Classified staff members are  also required to fill out a Release Time Form and have their supervisors sign and send the form to Human Resources.
  • Faculty: Contract and Associate Faculty members should send the Enrollment Reimbursement Request Form to their Dean for signature who will then send the form to Brenda Dixon in Human Resources prior to the end of the class.  If approved, the dean will also send a copy of the form to the department chair. In order for associate faculty to qualify for tuition reimbursement, associates must have current load in the same semester they take the class for reimbursement. 
  • Management Team Members: Managers should submit the Employee Reimbursement Request Form to their direct supervisor for approval.  If approved, he/she will send the form on to Brenda Dixon in Human Resources prior to the end of the class.
  1. Upon completion of the course, the employee must submit a copy of their letter grade showing a grade of "C" or better, along with a copy of the unit fees for that course to Human Resources. Textbooks are not covered under this program, at this time.
  2. Reimbursement checks will be mailed directly to the employee’s home address.