Online Trainings 





Flex Credit:
.5-6.0 hrs


A special site at 4Faculty.Org offers a great variety of workshops to enhance your educational delivery. Examples are "Developing a Syllabus," "Facing students on the first day," "Educational Legislation," etc. If you do not have an account, identify yourself as an SRJC employee, and you will have free access.

How do I get started?

  • To create your user ID and password:
  • Go to
  • In the Log In box (upper right of screen), click on “set up account”
  • Fill in the required (*) information.
  • Click “sign me up”.

Be sure to print the Completion Certificate and send to the office of Professional Development.

Note: Due to a lack of funding and shrinking educational budgets around the country, the content on may be MORE THAN 8 YEARS OLD and some links may not be active. This site is free for you to use, but the offers no guarantee of the accuracy or availability of any of its contents.





Flex Credit: Up to 3 hours per semester

ONL:02 Innovative Educators Webinar Series
Presenter(s): Various
Innovative Educators is dedicated to providing superior training focused on critical issues facing students and educators today. Their primary goal is to provide the information, training, and skills necessary to implement positive change on a personal, professional, and institutional level. They offer a lot of free webinars and trainings for faculty and staff.

Link to Innovative Educators Online Training


Flex Credit:
2.0 Hrs

ONL:03 Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment is one of the major employee complaints filed with state and federal agencies. Besides the threat of potential liability, Santa Rosa Junior College is committed to providing a workplace free of ALL forms of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. 

Even though many employers like Santa Rosa Junior College have a "zero tolerance" policy for any form of harassment, discrimination and retaliation, the courts consistently find that a policy alone is not enough to prevent bad conduct. California now mandates that the most effective way to accomplish prevention is through training. 

Santa Rosa Junior College has arranged for online training from Lawroom, the premier web-based employment law service. The following course will train employees to recognize harassment and discrimination, handle complaints, and avoid retaliation in related workplace situations: 

If you are required to complete the course, you will receive an invitation by email that briefly describes the course and its completion date. The email invitation will provide brief instructions on accessing the course, along with your ID and Password.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Jarrett, Manager, Training & Compliance at 527-4822 or email at

Link to Training Requirement Notice


Flex Credit: Up to 8 hours of flex per semester


ONL:04 Modern Education Radio Show KZSU 90.1

On Ben Woodford's Radio Show on Stanford's KZSU 90.1FM, Modern Education, Ben interviews guests who are experts in the field of education. SRJC's Felicia Darling was interviewed twice. Other guests interviewed have been Dr. Dan Schwartz, the Dean of Education at Stanford University, Cathy Williams, Co-founder of Youcubed, Kari Keating, Life Coach, Dr. Thomas Valente, university professor and network specialist, Dr. Michael McFaul, university professor and Russian Ambassador, and Dr. John Willinsky Stanford Professor and Activist. You can livestream these interviews on Fridays at 3:00pm or access archives.

Link to Ben Woodford Radio Show Archives


Flex Credit:
1.5 Hrs

ONL:05 - Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations for Online Use
Corrine Haverinen

So you have a PowerPoint presentation and you want to share it with your class online. Or maybe you have a PowerPoint presentation from a face-to-face class that you are now developing for online delivery. There are various ways to deliver the content of your PowerPoint file online to your class, each with it's own issues and with various levels of accessibility.

This tutorial will look at various options for converting PowerPoint presentations to online versions and discuss the accessibility issues of each. Then we will look at an export option using LecShare for creating HTML versions of PowerPoint files.

Click here to access this online activity.

Note: Activity located on left hand side of page under Web Accessibility



Flex Credit:
1.5 Hrs

ONL:06 - Creating Accessible PDFs for Online Use
Corrine Haverinen

HTML pages are the best way to deliver content online because they are the easiest format for making content accessible to everyone including the sight impaired. PDFs offer an easy way to make your documents deliverable and readable over the internet, but making them accessible to the sight impaired offers a few more challenges than HTML pages.

PDFs are a better choice than Word documents because they will not require the viewer to purchase a program to read the file and PDFs have more accessibility features than Word files do.

When using PDFs for required content in an online class, you will need to make sure that they are accessible to disabled students. The online version of a workshop on creating accessible PDFs given by the PC trainers from SRJC's Academic Computing department is at the link provided below.

Click here to access this online activity.



Flex Credit:
Up to 6 hours

ONL:07 - NISOD Webinar Series - Link to live and archived webinars: NISOD

To view sign up for live or archived Webinars, click on the WEBINAR link in the top banner and select the category you wish to view.  For archived webinars enter our member username and password: 

Password: nisod376

NISOD is the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development, and is a membership organization committed to promoting and celebrating
excellence in teaching, learning, and leadership at community and technical colleges.

Through the District NISOD membership, SRJC employees may access the webinar series and log on using the SRJC username and password indicated above. After completing the activity, remember to record your flex time in your faculty portal.



Flex Credit: 12.00 hrs


ONL:08 Teaching Men of Color Online Training

Presenter(s): Cora Learning

This fully online program is designed to enhance the preparedness of instructional faculty in the community college to facilitate teaching and learning among college men of color. The program includes 5 modules, with learners engaging in both synchronous and asynchronous activities. Each module requires a 3 hour commitment (including lectures, discussion boards, readings, and virtual sessions).  Learners will have access to the training site for 30 days. This training can be done anytime, anywhere! See the link below for more info. We kindly request you use the code provided within 3 months so we can provide the opportunity to others as available. If you are interested in taking this class, please contact the Office of Student Equity for an access code.

Link to Training



Flex Credit: 12.00 hrs

ONL:09 Supporting Men of Color Online Training

Presenter(s): CORA Learning

This course provides community college advisors, student service officers, and support staff with strategies and approaches that can be used to foster enhanced learning, development, and success among college men of color. This training can be done anytime, anywhere! See the link below for more info. We kindly request you use the code provided within 3 months so we can provide the opportunity to others as available. If you are interested in taking this class, please contact the Office of Student Equity for an access code.


Link to training




Flex Credit: Up to 6 hours per semester

ONL:10 SRJC Instructor Expertise Share-out
Presenter(s): Various
This is a series of videos that Felicia Darling hosts. She interviews SRJC faculty, researchers, and former SRJC students in order to shed light on research and practices that break down barriers to learning for students. This is a great way to pick up practices, strategies, and tips that can be used across the disciplines to create more equitable classrooms. These are a sampling of guests: Dan Munton, SRJC Math; Carlos Valencia SRJC Math and College Skills; Abigail Zoger, Biology; Laura Aspinall, Disability Resources; Dr. Michael Washington, researcher; and Juan Soto engineer and former SRJC student. The collection of videos will continue to grow as more SRJC faculty are interviewed. Each video is between 38 and 78 minutes long. 


Link to Videos

Online Training
Flex Credit: 0.50 hrs


ONL:11 Shots Fired on Campus
Presenter(s): Doug Kuula
Watch the "Shots Fired on campus: When Lighting Strikes" video to be better prepared during an active shooter situation.



Flex Credit:
.50 Hrs

ONL:12 - Kognito Interactive: Veterans on Campus

Veterans on Campus is an online, interactive training program that uses virtual role-play to help faculty and staff learn more about the needs and experiences of student veterans.

To get started:

  • Click on: Kognito Interactive/Vet to access this online training.
  • On your first visit, you will need to set up an account.



Flex Credit:
.75 Hrs

ONL:13 - Kognito Interactive: At-Risk Training for Faculty and Staff

At-Risk for Faculty and Staff is an interactive online simulation training that will help faculty and staff build skills in recognizing and responding to a distressed student on campus.

To get started:

  • Click on: Kognito Interactive/Vet to access this online training.
  • On your first visit, you will need to set up an account.



Flex Credit: 12.00 hrs


ONL:15 Online Special Expertise certificate training course (Canvas)
Most departments require this certificate in order to teach online courses at SRJC. Completing this 6-week online course in Canvas requires 2-4 hours per week depending on previous Canvas experience. Participants will develop a lesson in Canvas and learn about web accessibility and effective pedagogical practices for teaching online. Accelerated 2-week options are also available. The enrollment sign-up page for faculty is at this LINK TO ACCESS COURSE.



Flex Credit: 12.00 hrs


ONL:16  Introduction to Teaching with Canvas by @One
@One (the training organization funded by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office) has a very helpful facilitated "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas" course available in either a self-paced or moderated format. Both are free! You'll learn how the Canvas system works through a series of curated readings, hands-on practice exercises, and "knowledge check" quizzes. 

Link to Website 

Detailed instructions on how to sign up

Flex Credit: up to 6.00 hrs 


ONL:17- California Community Colleges Vision Resource Center

Guide to Vision Resource Center Trainings

  1. You must have a Vision Resource Center (previously Professional Learning Network) account. For those that do not, please register for an account here.
  2. Once logged into the Vision Resource Center website, hover over learning in the left hand corner. A dropdown menu will appear, select learner home.
  3. This will take you to the new learning center.
  4. Type in the search what you would like to learn or add subjects.
  5. Moving forward, you can only enter this portal via the Vision Resource Center website, so please bookmark it!

Flex Credit: 1.00 hrs


ONL:18 The Key to Persistence: How to Build a Culture of Community in College
Presenter(s): Innovative Educators
Building community within a classroom and college creates a culture of accountability, expectation, and success. A community may start in the classroom, but it doesn't end there. Using the principles shared in acclaimed documentary, No Greater Odds, learn how everyone in an institution is responsible for creating a network of support that fosters student success. In this webinar the co-creators of No Greater Odds, Charlene S. Gibson (Instructor and Associate Producer) and James R. McCoy (Associate Vice President) of Academic Affairs and Executive Producer share a few of the teaching strategies and support network principles from their professional development series they are currently conducting around the nation.


Link to Archive


Link to Powerpoint



Flex Credit: Up to 10 hours


Presenter(s): @one

@One- the Online Network of Educators- collaborative, system-wide network of California Community College faculty, staff, and administrators, is coordinated by the professional development team of the CCC Online Education Initiative (OEI). @ONE provides training and professional development to support the effective use of digital tools and platforms to make California Community Colleges a nationally recognized leader in online teaching and learning. Funding from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office ensures that @ONE’s offerings are provided for free or a very low cost.


Link to webinars


Flex Credit: Up to 10 hours per semester

ONL:20 Open Education Resources Webinar Series
Presenter(s): ASCCC and OERI
There are more than 30 hour of webinars both live and archived on various topics all having to do with Open Education Resources (OER) The topics include OER Basics, OER for English, Math, Psychology, Biology, Early Childhood Education, How to curate and publish your own OER, Determining Whether or Not an Online Resource is Accessible, OER for Librarians, and more. 

Link to upcoming and archived webinars 




Flex Credit: 3.00 hrs

ONL:21 Video Accessibility, Captioning, and Fair Use
Presenter(s): Corrine Haverinen, Katrina Smith, Debbie Ezersky, Nate Musser
This online micro-course is targeted at faculty who are choosing to use multimedia content in their courses, particularly online. Learn the basics about captioning and fair use. Find out how to search for accessible media online or through the library, to recognize quality captions, and to request captions for videos in your course. Instructions to enroll in this course: • Course participants are required to have an SRJC Canvas Account. • If you don’t have a Canvas account, fill out the DE Request Help form ( • Enroll in the course ( • Use your SRJC username + Outlook password to register.