Professional Development Activities Day Acknowledgements


Professional Development Committee Members

PDA Day Workshop Presenters

PDA Day Program Support

PDA Appreciation

Paulette Bell

Bita Bookman

Brandon Browning

Anne Marie-Donegan

Sarah Hopkins

Lauralyn Larsen

Matthew Martin

Kathy Matthies

Tammy Sakanashi

Ann Schott

Catherine Williams

Osiris Zuberi


Over 100 SRJC faculty, staff, and administrators will be presenting a workshop on PDA Day.

It is through efforts of these presenters that we are able to offer a diverse program of quality workshops on PDA Day.

We couldn't do it without you!

Thank you!


Administrative Support:

Jodi Pasquini

Coordination and Development:

Sarah Hopkins

Faculty Professional Development Coordinators:

Anne-Marie Donegan

Matthew Martin


Professional Development Activities Day requires a tremendous team effort from faculty and staff across the SRJC district. Many, many thanks to these colleagues for sharing their time, expertise, and talent! A special thanks to:

-Disability Resources

-Human Resources

-Media Services