Professional Development Activities Day Acknowledgements


Professional Development Committee Members

PDA Day Workshop Presenters

PDA Day Program Support

PDA Appreciation

Paulette Bell

Bita Bookman

Brandon Browning

Shawn Brumbaugh

Sarah Hopkins

Tara Jacobson

Lauralyn Larsen

Linda Jay

Kathy Matthies

Tammy Sakanashi

Ann Schott



Over 100 SRJC faculty, staff, and administrators will be presenting a workshop on PDA Day.

It is through efforts of these presenters that we are able to offer a diverse program of quality workshops on PDA Day.

We couldn't do it without you!

Thank you!


Administrative Support:

Jodi Pasquini

Coordination and Development:

Sarah Hopkins

Faculty Professional Development Coordinator:

Lauralyn Larsen


Professional Development Activities Day requires a tremendous team effort from faculty and staff across the SRJC district. Many, many thanks to these colleagues for sharing their time, expertise, and talent! A special thanks to:

-Disability Resources

-Human Resources

-Media Services