PDA Day Event Schedule

To access the 2022 Tauzer Lecture video recording, please contact Sarah Hopkins.

Spring 2022 - PDA Day Schedule Overview

Time Session

Welcome & Plenary Session

10:20am - 11:50am Session I Workshops - 1.5 hour session
12:50pm - 2:20pm Session 2 Workshops - 1.5 hour session
2:20pm - 2:40pm Break
2:40pm - 4:10pm Session 3 Workshops - 1.5 hour session
12:50pm - 4:10pm Session 4 Workshops - 3 hour session
All Day Pre-Recorded Workshops 

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Plenary Lecture 8:30AM-10:00AM


From Bones to Biographies: Bioarchaeological Approaches to the Study of the Andean Past

Nicole Slovak

In this lecture, Nicole will discuss bioarchaeological approaches to the study of the human past using case studies from ancient Peru.  From bone chemistry to the burial environment, this presentation explores how bioarcheologists reconstruct individual life histories from the human skeleton and associated mortuary context. Please note that this presentation contains images of human remains.

To access the 2022 Tauzer Lecture video recording, please contact Sarah Hopkins.



Session 1: 10:20 AM - 11:50 AM



Session #: S1:01

Title: Understanding Undocumental Mental Health and True Allyship
Presenters: Rafael Vazquez Guzman

Description: Many students who happen to be undocumented do not reach out for mental health support for multiple reasons. During this workshop, we will look at data that explains the mental health situation with this population as well as the use of alcohol and other drugs to cope with their present situations. Finally, we are beyond putting signs on our doors, you will learn to how become a true ally.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S1:02

Title: Facilitating Inclusive Meetings
Presenters: Beatriz Camargo, Latinx Faculty & Staff Association (LFSA); Brenda Flyswithhawks, Native American Faculty and Staff Association (NAFSA); Wanda Bynum, Black Leadership Association Collective (BLAC); Jerry Thao, Asian Pacific Islander Staff Association (APISA); Linda Jay, LGBTQ Campus Climate Committee; and Vanessa Luna Shannon, Embracing a Culture of Inclusion (ECI) Program

Description: Join us for an informative session that offers tips and perspectives for inclusive meetings to ensure that historically underrepresented/marginalized voices are heard. This workshop is offered by a collaboration with our Employee Affinity Groups and the District’s Embracing a Culture of Inclusion Program. Workshop includes panel presentation with leaders of employee affinity groups and the opportunity for questions and information sharing by participants. This PDA workshop is a follow-up action item from the Fall 2021 workshop offered by Embracing a Culture of Inclusion (ECI) Program and SRJC’s Employee Affinity Groups on promoting inclusive hiring and retention efforts.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S1:03

Title: Learn More about the Umoja Supported Program
Presenters: Michael Hale, Byron Reaves, Regina Mahiri, and Jesekah Loggins

Description: Umoja actively seeks to welcome, engage, and empower all of its students-with a particular focus on Black students-through a curriculum and pedagogy responsive to the legacy of African and African American cultures. In this workshop you will learn more about Umoja Practices and the Umoja Supported program. Our goal is to expand the professors involved in our learning community

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S1:04

Title: Strategic Planning
Presenters: Jeremy Smotherman & Julie Thompson

Description: Please join us for a discussion about SRJC's 2022 - 2027 Strategic Planning process and hear about opportunities for all members of our community to become involved. We will provide an overview of the Town Hall meetings scheduled for 2nd and 4th Fridays throughout the Spring 2022 semester and other opportunities for contributing to the creation of our next Strategic Plan. Please come, bring your questions and ideas, and help shape the future of SRJC! 

Pathway: Leadership and Management Techniques

Session #: S1:05

Title: Transformative Syllabus
Presenters: Roberto Alvarado and Luz Garcia Navarrette

Description: One of the first things students see about a course is the syllabus. Ever consider how your syllabus comes across to students? What does it convey about you and your class? This workshop will help you transform your syllabus into a learning tool with welcoming, student-ready language that shows your enthusiasm and passion for the course, frames you as a resource for success, and provides contextualized information about on-campus resources.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S1:06

Title: Religious Studies & The Community College Student
Presenters: Emily A Schmidt, Eric Thompson, and Sarah Whylly

Description: This department-specific session will focus on teaching about religion as part of public higher education in the US, and developing departmental course offerings. Discussion will center on the relationships between pedagogy, politics, and student skills, with particular attention to Gallagher & Maguire's "The Religious Studies Skills Book" (Bloomsbury, 2018).

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S1:07

Title: Organizing Your Course Effectively with Canvas Modules
Presenters: Lauren Mitchell Nahas

Description: Unclear course organization can be a major barrier for students and the cause for a lot of unnecessary questions on the instructor’s side.  Leveraging the features of Canvas's modules can alleviate both of these problems. In this workshop we'll explore sample module organization strategies and review various features of the modules area of Canvas that are designed to clarify course organization and enhance the students’ experience.  The workshop will be relevant no matter whether you are teaching face-to-face, hybrid, online asynchronous, online with scheduled Zoom sessions, or if you are using a Canvas shell in a non-teaching capacity.  Come take a moment to think about course organization and brainstorm with your colleagues!

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S1:08

Title: Canvas Top-10 to Make Your Life Easier
Presenters: Hollie Fortkamp, Kathy Thornley, Gina Baleria

Description: Come learn about the DE Team's top-10 favorite Canvas features for easing your workload, communicating more easily with students, beautifying your pages and assignments, and understanding student activity in your course! These are features that can significantly improve both you and your students’ experience in Canvas. You'll walk away with resources that you can refer to on your own to integrate these features into your work-flow. Hope to see you there!

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S1:09

Title: EAP Discussion Group #1: Returning to Onsite Work
Presenters: Wendy Wollner, Founder, President, and CEO

Description: This will be an opportunity for a facilitated group discussion with an open forum format to share hopes, ideas and concerns about returning to onsite work. We will discuss research-based methodologies for how to develop a personal toolkit of resources to feel safe in transitioning back to the workplace and tips for managing anxiety caused by ‘cave syndrome’ which may have affected some individuals who are uneasy about post-pandemic life and reluctant to leave isolation after almost two years of shelter-in-place orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation will be facilitated by Wendy Wollner, CEO of an independent firm known as ‘Balancing Life’s Issues’ with the workshop being sponsored by our Anthem Employee Assistance Program. Minimum participation of at least two participants.

Pathway: Wellness and Safety

Session #: S1:10

Title: Conversation with the Tauzer Lecturer
Presenters: Nicole Slovak

Description: Inspired by the Tauzer Lecture? Join us for an opportunity to congratulate Nicole Slovak and continue the conversation with your colleagues. This is an informal reception intended to foster brainstorming, clarification, and connection with colleagues in relation to the morning's presentation.

Pathway: Workplace Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills

Session #: S1:11

Title: SEIU Membership Meeting
Presenters: SEIU Classified Executive Council

Description: This session is for Classified Professionals. Come learn what your union is doing for you and bring questions, concerns, and suggestions for your union representatives.

Pathway: Workplace Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills

Session #: S1:12

Title: Benefit Basics
Presenters: Henry Wang

Description: This class provides a general overview of your CalPERS benefits and the choices you have to maximize your retirement security.

Pathway: Workplace Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills
Handout 1 Handout 2


Session 2: 12:50 PM - 2:20 PM



Session #:S2:01

Title: EAP Discussion Group #2: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism
Presenters: Wendy Wollner, Founder, President, and CEO

Description: This will be an opportunity for a facilitated group discussion with an open forum format to listen and share ideas and resources for personal growth to take action in creating a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism at SRJC. We will discuss personal testimonials for those who are willing to share, becoming accomplices to change in understanding our individual roles in transitioning towards a culture of solidarity. The conversation will be facilitated by Wendy Wollner, CEO of an independent firm known as ‘Balancing Life’s Issues’ with the workshop being sponsored by our Anthem Employee Assistance Program. Minimum participation of at least two participants.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S2:02

Title: Curriculum with a DEI focus
Presenters: Ann Foster, Josh Adams, Chas Crocker, Josh Pinaula

Description: Join your colleagues to explore ways for transforming course curriculum to using principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism (DEIA). The workshop will include an overview of curriculum requirements for our Course Outlines of Record (COR) followed by a brief presentation of how DEIA principles can transform our CORs; facilitators will share examples of CORs that have been transformed through application of DEIA principles. Additionally, participants will have time to discuss (and possibly draft) changes to at least one COR from their own discipline.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S2:03

Title: My Country 'Tis of Thee: Marian Anderson and the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement
Presenters: Anne Donegan

Description: In 1939, while Fascists were advancing across Europe, Eleanor Roosevelt publicly resigned from the Daughters of the American Revolution. The First Lady quit the DAR because they would not allow Marian Anderson, the world renowned contralto, to sing at Constitution Hall, a building the DAR controlled. The DAR refused this suggestion, because Ms. Anderson was African American. Over the next few months, Ms. Anderson and Mrs. Roosevelt, along with the NAACP, and the Department of the Interior planned a concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where 75,000 Americans heard the great contralto sing. Unlike previous events at national monuments, this event was not segregated and was seen by many as the start of the modern Civil Rights Movement.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics & Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S2:04

Title: Ag/NR Shone Farm Academic Programs Planning Session
Presenters: Amy Housman

Description: Brainstorming session for all Ag/NR department programs located at Shone Farm. The Ag/NR department is moving to Shone Farm in Fall 2022. With the move there is need for integration between programs in order to allocate space and staff support. In addition, planning will be done for use of grant funds that span more than one program. Likely attendees include Shone Farm staff, lab coordinators and faculty coordinators of Animal Science, Viticulture, Sustainable Ag, Natural Resources Management, Hemp Cultivation, and Environmental Horticulture.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S2:05

Title: The HSI Education Initiative in STEM Grant – AVANZANDO - Unifying Efforts to Support Students in STEM and Health Sciences
Presenters: Victor Tam, Catherine Prince, Darci Rosales, Tammy Sakanashi, and Faculty Coordinators

Description: You've heard of the latest funding for the new HSI grant focusing on STEM and Health Sciences student success. Join us for a discussion of what the goals of the grant are, new initiatives that will support STEM and Health Sciences students, and how you can be involved this 5-year grant.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S2:06

Title: ESL Department Meeting
Presenters: Bita Bookman

Description: In light of declining student enrollment in the ESL pathway, the faculty in the ESL department will discuss the ESL curriculum, enrollment data, and ways to remove barriers for students in credit ESL courses.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S2:07

Title: Conveying Care Online with Quick Videos
Presenters: Matt Pearson, Lauren Mitchell Nahas, Hollie Fortkamp

Description: Research tells us that we can improve student success & retention online if students feel like they have an authentic relationship with their instructor—this is particularly true for minoritized students.  Short video announcements or mini-lessons are an excellent means to connect with students, but many faculty feel daunted by the video-creation process. This workshop will walk you through the entire video-creation process: recording, hosting, captioning, and placing the video wherever you need it.  We will review a variety of video creation tools including Canvas Studio, Playposit, 3CMedia, Clips, & Screencast-o-matic. Hope to see you at this hands-on workshop!

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S2:08

Title: Need a report? Escape can do that!
Presenters: Stephanie Dirks

Description: Escape, the accounting system software, offers a variety of reports.  This session will focus on the Fiscal Reports, the most common of these reports are the Fiscal 02 and the Fiscal 03.  This session will take a more detailed look at the different types of reports, how to sort and run them, and how to save them as your favorites.  Time permitting, there will be a Q&A opportunity.

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S2:09

Title: COVID Workshop with Sonoma County Public Health Officials and Rebecca Norwick, SRJC's Director of Student Health Services
Presenters: Rebecca Norwick and Dr. Sundari Mase

Description: Dr. Mase, Sonoma County Public Health Officer, will provide an update on the status of the effects of the Coronavirus on Sonoma County residents. They will also share any information that is known about what we can expect in terms of changes with the Coronavirus going into the Spring and summer. Dr. Baldwin, Deputy Health Officer, supports and shares responsibility in the protection of county residents from public health hazards, including leading the response to urgent threats, such as epidemics. SRJC COVID Response and safety plan will also be reviewed by Rebecca Norwick. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters.

Pathway: Wellness and Safety

Session #: S2:10

Title: Practical Emergency Preparedness
Presenters: Dawn Carter

Description: There is a large amount of information to wade through regarding emergency preparedness. Is there a difference between home, travel, and work preparedness? What type of preparer are you? Attendees will be exposed to different resources so they can determine what is most relevant to them. We will navigate around a few of the most relevant Emergency Preparedness websites in order to determine the practicality of the products they present. We will also specifically discuss generator safety because we have frequent (planned & unplanned) power outages. This is intended to be interactive. Questions and conversations, focusing on improving our personal and professional preparedness, are appreciated.

Pathway: Wellness and Safety


Session 3: 2:40 PM - 4:10 PM



Session #: S3:01

Title: ISSC Research Revealed: Sharing Our Compelling Findings
Presenters: ISSC Action Team Leaders

Description: The Integrated Student Success Committee is ready to share the findings of their Action Research after 1.5 years of work. What are the vital implications of their findings? Come hear the results of the three Action Teams: PART-TIME STUDENTS Part-time students comprise 75% of SRJC students. While full-time students do not show disproportionate impact, part-time student do. How can we make the college ready for part-time student success? BARRIERS TO PARTICIPATION Students who participate in SEA programs show significant gains in persistence and other outcome measures. How can we engage all students to be involved in activities that eliminate disproportionate impact? STUDENTS IN REMOTE INSTRUCTION The unprecedent move to all online college instruction may have differential impact on our students. Has disproportionate impact changed or significantly heightened during this period of all online instruction?

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S3:02

Title: AFA and Academic Senate: Faculty Forum
Presenters: Academic Senate President & AFA Cabinet

Description: The Academic Senate and AFA work to support faculty rights, which is essential to supporting students. Members of the Senate and AFA Cabinet will host a workshop on how these two organizations represent the faculty and faculty rights in their respective areas of responsibility—the Senate's "10 + 1" and AFA's "scope of representation." The session will also focus on how the two bodies work together when purview overlaps.

Pathway: Leadership and Management Techniques

Session #: S3:03

Title: The Test of the Mirror: Helping Students Overcome Grade Anxiety
Presenters: Orlando Raola

Description: The session starts by sharing the story of Ella (not her real name), a student deeply affected by grade anxiety. The audience will discuss possible alternative approaches to helping students in that situation. The "Test of the Mirror" was a particular strategy I suggested to Ella. The participants will analyze what they think are the possible results of the strategy presented, keeping in mind the risk of self-deception when setting expectations for a particular outcome. The workshop will close by telling what really happened to Ella and by sharing the fact that I have used the same strategy in other occasions, always with satisfactory results.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S3:04

Title: Library Department Meeting
Presenters: Mary-Catherine Oxford & Library Staff/Faculty

Description: Libraries are reopening February 1st for Spring. This PDA day session will give Library Faculty and Staff as a chance to come together to address issues and support one another in Spring. Training and information on COVID Procedures and Policy enforcement will be provided and the entire group will have a chance to discuss and adjustments needed for Spring.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S3:05

Title: Cool Tools for Online Courses
Presenters: Kathy Thornley, Gina Baleria, Lauren Nahas, and Hollie Fortkamp

Description: Spice up your online courses by incorporating some interactive "cool tools." This workshop will present a quick survey of several apps that can increase student engagement such as Padlet, Flipgrid, Hypothesis, and PlayPosit. We'll explore the features of a selection of "cool tools" and demonstrate how you might use them in your online courses. This workshop is just an overview of the tools and will not give step-by-step instructions on how to use them. Participants will receive supporting materials with more detailed "how to" instructions.

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S3:06

Title: EAP Discussion Group #3: Mental Health & Wellness
Presenters: Wendy Wollner, Founder, President, and CEO

Description: This will be an opportunity for a facilitated group discussion with an open forum format to share mental health and wellness concerns and to get educated on ideas for how to address your concerns. We will discuss positive approaches on how to create an empathetic workplace by listening to each other’s challenges, leading with positivity and gratitude, developing resiliency in order to manage your own wellness and empowering yourself to create a fulfilling life. The conversation will be facilitated by Wendy Wollner, CEO of an independent consulting firm, ‘Balancing Life’s Issues,’ with the workshop being sponsored by our Anthem Employee Assistance Program. Minimum participation of at least two participants.

Pathway: Wellness and Safety

Session #: S3:07

Title: Surviving Sonoma County's "Chronic Catastrophe"
Presenters: Anne Belden and student podcasters

Description: Have you wondered how Sonoma County's cumulative climate-induced disasters are affecting the minds, bodies and spirits of you and your students? Have you asked the question: is it worth it to continue to live here? Four Oak Leaf fellowship students and their adviser address these questions and more in a discussion about their NPR-distributed "Chronic Catastrophe." podcast.

Pathway: Wellness and Safety

Session #: S3:08

Title: Classified Senate Meeting
Presenters: Debbie Weatherly, Kathy Matthies and Members of the Classified Executive Board

Description: “If we are not invited to table, we are on the menu!” Classified Senate will be hosting a forum on the importance of Shared Governance and the importance of Classified Senate in that Shared Governance at Santa Rosa Junior College. Classified Professionals are in a constant struggle with other governances at the college to be included, to be heard and to be respected. Join us in this forum with our Classified Senate Leadership on how to bring about change of not “being invited to the table” and learn more about Classified Senate who and what we are.

Pathway: Workplace Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills

Session #: S3:09

Title: CalSTRS Retirement Workshop
Presenters: Rian Troth

Description: Discussion on CalSTRS Retirement.

Pathway: Workplace Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills

Session #: S3:10

Title: Fireside Chat: An Opportunity for Conversation and Community Building with President Frank Chong and the Vice Presidents
Presenters:  Pedro Avila, Frank Chong, Gene Durand, Kate Jolley, and Jane Saldana-Talley

Description: Please join us to connect, ask questions and discuss updates on SRJC’s current priorities, challenges and plans for the upcoming semester.

Pathway: Workplace Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills


Session 4: 12:50 PM - 4:10 PM



Session #: S4:01

Title: Social Sciences Department Meeting
Presenters: Sal Diaz

Description: Department Meeting. Training on inclusivity and equity for syllabi and assessment.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S4:02

Title: Threading Implicit Bias Recognition and Strategies into in Nursing Curriculum
Presenters: Katherine Magee

Description: California AB 1407 was signed into law on 10/21/21 which requires nursing programs to specifically include implicit bias education as part of their curriculum. This workshop will address strategies for specifically threading essential topic content into the SRJC nursing curriculum and cover strategies for personal recognition of implicit bias and impacts on nursing practice, and strategies for mitigating implicit bias in nursing care to provide for better healthcare outcomes.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S4:03

Title: College Skills/Tutorial Retreat
Presenters: Amy Flores, Felicia Darling, Leslie Mancillas, Lynn Erikson Rhode, Carlo Valencia

Description: This will be a College Skills/Tutorial department discussion on our experiences teaching College Skills courses in-person and online. We will discuss which techniques, lessons, and other pedagogical tools worked well. Discussion will include AB 705 and non-credit courses.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support





Session #: PRE:01

Title: Rainwater Harvesting for Landscapes Large and Small: Thriving through Cycles of Drought & Deluge
Presenters: Jesse Savou

Description:This workshop will cover the benefits, principles and practices of rainwater harvesting, starting with an ecological overview and ending with practical how-to’s including system sizing, siting, and anatomy. With visual examples, we will explore active versus passive systems, small versus large systems, low-tech versus high-tech systems; and applications for small (e.g. home) vs. large (e.g. campus-scale) landscapes.

Pathway: Wellness and Safety
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