Dear SRJC Community,

Dr. Angelica Garcia
From the Superintendent/President
Dr. Angélica Garcia

Welcome to Spring 2024 Professional Development Activities Day!

PDA is an opportunity for each of us to engage in a full day of learning from the thoughtful experts who reside amongst us as our fellow classified professionals, administrators, and faculty. Colleagues have prepared to generously share their knowledge and expertise in the hopes of us improving our respective crafts (e.g. teaching, outreach, coaching, counseling, communicating, etc.) making us a stronger community and better organization to serve students.

When I first learned about SRJC’s annual tradition of honoring a faculty member for their teaching excellence, I was inspired by the value SRJC places on great teaching. I am excited to experience my first Tauzer Lecture.

This Spring’s Tauzer Lecturer will be Dr. Araceli Osorio and she will be sharing a lecture on “The Transformation of the Spanish Language: A Virtual Trip Around the World.” Dr. Osorio will share some of the linguistic variations that exist in various Spanish-speaking countries. Her lecture promises to help us gain additional knowledge and an appreciation of the rich complexities of Spanish spoken throughout the globe, of which are often grouped into a monolithic experience. In addition to the Tauzer Lecture, Dr. Osorio will also offer a follow-up ‘Meet the Tauzer Lecturer’ workshop in Session I (10:20 am – 11:50 am) to further explore ideas that stem from her presentation.

I also invite you to join me for a workshop during Session 1 (10:20 am – 11:50 am) where I will share my learning and themes from the over 30 SRJC Voices sessions. A sneak peek for a theme may include how SRJC colleagues inform our organization to channel our inner chameleon. My intent is to share my learning broadly, so please do not worry if you choose to join one of our other amazing colleagues’ workshops.

Please join me in thanking the Professional Development Committee for organizing these important workshops and sessions. I hope you join us for a day of learning and community building on February 15th.


In community,

Dr. Garcia