Professional Development Activities (PDA) Days

One day each semester is designated as a District-wide Professional Development Activities Day. The 2023-24 PDA days are as follows:

Friday, August 11, 2023 and Thursday, February 15, 2024

Programming for PDA days is developed by a shared governance committee (the Professional Development Committee) consisting of faculty, classified, and management staff. The PDA day program consists of a general session for all participants followed by four sessions of a variety of workshops presented by SRJC faculty and staff with some external presenters. Presenters and workshops are solicitated based on relevance to the professional and institutional needs of the SRJC community. Evaluations are reviewed for all sessions in order to continuously improve and develop future program offerings.

Contract Faculty

Attendance at each semester's district-wide PDA day is mandatory for all regular faculty and may not be flexed. The program for the fall semester PDA Day includes a plenary presentation to the college community by the Superintendent/President, the Academic Senate and Classified Senate Presidents, as well as a special presentation on a topic relevant to current events at the District. The spring semester Institutional Day features the Brook Tauzer Faculty Lecture. The lecturer is an SRJC faculty member who is selected for teaching excellence by a committee consisting of former Tauzer Lecturers. Both the fall and spring Institutional Days also offer workshops related to pathways based on the professional development needs of the faculty and staff. Full time faculty are required to attend both Fall and Spring institutional PDA days. PDA days account for 12 hours out of the 30 hour annual flex requirement.

Regular Faculty Flex Obligation

  • Faculty members must record all completed activities in their flex account through their faculty portal in order to receive Flex credit. Faculty, please Check Your Flex through your faculty cubby on a regular basis to monitor the status of your flex requirement.
  • Flex credit is available for pre-approved professional development activities only.
  • Complete Flex Program Guidelines are available here. Please refer to AFA Contract, Article 22 for complete language for Professional Development.
  • The Mandatory and Flexible hours requirement for regular faculty members is 30 hours per year, and it prorated for those faculty members on pre-retirement workload reductions.
    • Mandatory Flex Obligation: For regular faculty members, the mandatory hour requirement is 18 hours for the year (6 hours for the Fall PDA Day, 6 hours for the Departmentally Determined Professional Development Activities Day, and 6 hours for the Spring PDA Day). 
    • Additional Flex Obligation: Your Flex hours obligation is 12.0 hours for the Academic year (6 hours per semester). Flex hours can be completed at any time during the Academic year; according to the established deadlines. All mandatory and flexible hours must be completed in your flex account through the faculty portal by May 31 of each academic year, unless an "Intent to Complete a Pre-approved Activity" form has been filed by May 1 of the academic year.
  • Faculty members on sabbatical leave or other leave will have an adjustment made to their obligation. There is no obligation while on leave or teaching a semester abroad. If a partial leave is in place, then a partial adjustment will be made to the hours of obligation.

Attendance & Verification
Faculty with semester length assignments are released from their regular duties to attend professional development activities and are paid for attendance. Attendance verification is required by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. To complete your flex credit verification AFTER completion of an approved activity, click on this link to go to your Faculty Portal to record your Flex credit.  Please refer to the AFA Contract, Article 22: Professional Development for any questions regarding PDA Day attendance. 

There will be no make up for activities missed during PDA days. A Notice of Absence (NOA) form must be filed by May 31 of each academic year if absent from PDA days, otherwise a payroll reduction will be applied to account for any lack of participation.

Associate Faculty (Unit A)

Associate faculty are welcome and encouraged to attend PDA days, but attendance is not mandatory. If you have a faculty flex requirement for the Fall semester, you may apply time spent participating in PDA Days towards that flex requirement (a completed electronic verification form is necessary to receive credit). If your class is cancelled or your requirement changes for any reason, you may end up not being paid for this day.

  • Associate faculty flex obligations are equal to the total number of hours taught in full semester classes on the designated days each semester. Refer to the Board approved Academic Calendar here.

  • The flex deadline for Fall is generally the first Friday in December and the flex deadline for Spring is generally the first Friday in May.
  • Your flex obligation for Fall is the total number of hours you are scheduled to teach full-semester classes scheduled on Wednesday and Friday.
  • Your Flex obligation for Spring is the total number of hours you teach full-semester classes scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Go to your Faculty Portal to “Check Your Flex” obligation and monitor your flex account status on a regular basis.
  • Associate faculty will be able to fulfill their obligation on the district-designated PDA Days or through flex activities that take place during the semester in which they teach. Flex credit can be earned for pre-approved activities that take place during summer (beginning on July 1) for the fall semester or beginning during winter break for the spring semester.
  • Please note: Associate faculty may not be paid for flex hours completed in advance of the semester, if a change to their teaching schedule results in a change (decrease) to their flex obligation.

Classified Professionals and Management Team

Fall PDA day: All district services are not open to the public until 1:00 pm, unless an exception to allow essential services to remain open all day is granted by the Supervising Administrator through the Vice President of Human Resources. This district-wide public closure is so that all may attend, and all employees are encouraged to participate as much as possible. The Plenary Program will take place from 8:30-10:00am in Burbank Auditorium and will also be available via livestream. Employees may select from a variety of workshops to attend during the remaining sessions.

Sign Language Interpretation Services

Employees who are in need of sign language interpreter services or assistance on PDA day; please contact Disability Resources at least one week in advance.

Disability Resources:
(707) 527-4278, (707) 331-1156 Videophone