PDA Day Event Schedule


Fall 2022 - PDA Day Schedule Overview

Time Session
8:00am - 8:30am Welcome Reception

Plenary Session

10:20am - 11:50am Session I Workshops - 1.5 hour session
11:50am - 12:50pm Lunch Break
12:50pm - 2:20pm Session 2 Workshops - 1.5 hour session
2:20pm - 2:40pm Break
2:40pm - 4:10pm Session 3 Workshops - 1.5 hour session
12:50pm - 4:10pm Session 4 Workshops - 3 hour session



Plenary Program 8:30AM-10:00AM


A Call to Action:

Addressing Systems of Privilege through Equitable Change at the Personal, Policy, Practice, and Paradigm Levels

Presented by Tim Wise

In-person Participation: Burbank Auditorium  -   Remote Participation: Livestream Viewing


This presentation will explore the causes of institutional racial inequities and provide ideas for taking action to promote systemic change to address these inequities. 

Most Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work focuses on training people out of bad habits (implicit biases, stereotypes, fragility, unexamined privilege, etc.). Some DEI work adds to this individual focus by examining institutional policies and practices that get in the way of more equitable and inclusive work environments. But very few DEI efforts tackle the “fourth p”—the paradigm (or broader worldview or frame)—which tends to keep institutions from progressing on the road to equity. 

By paradigm, Tim is referring to the overarching worldview of individualism and meritocracy, which leads most of us to assume existing power structures are basically valid, thereby undermining the logic of targeted efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. To sustain such efforts, Tim will address how to critically assess the weaknesses of this paradigm and develop a broader understanding of the social dynamics and systems of privilege keeping us from becoming a more equitable society. This session will help participants gain that understanding.



Session 1: 10:20 AM - 11:50 AM



Session #: S1:01

Title: Plenary Program Follow-up Workshop: A Deeper Dive into Systems of Privilege and Actionable Steps for Change
Presenters: Tim Wise (Facilitated by Jerry Thao)

Description: This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to continue the dialogue with the plenary presenter to explore how to address systems of privilege to take action to create a more equitable and inclusive college community at SRJC.

Location: Burbank Studio Theatre

Pathway: Diversity & Demographics

Session #: S1:02

Title: Current Latinx College Students and Issues of Self-Identity
Presenters: Rafael Vazquez Guzman

Description: There is much diversity among our Latinx students. From age to cultural background. Younger generations of students suffer from grounding themselves due to identity conflicts. In this workshop we will discuss definitions such as Latinx, Hispanic, Mexican, Mexican-American and more. We will also speak to issues of identity among students who don't speak their Indigenous" tongue and who are often shamed for not speaking Spanish properly. The consequences of these issues of identity can lead to questioning their place in school and in society as a whole.  Their mental health is affected and many suffer from anxiety and depression.

Location: Race, Room 4076

Pathway: Diversity & Demographics

Session #: S1:03

Title: Universal Design
Presenters: Laura Aspinall, Riva Bruenn, Noelle Lavoie, Purnur Ozbirinci, Catherine Williams, and Anna Brown

Description: Come join us for a panel presentation and discussion on how to utilize Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in instructional and educational spaces. UDL is a practice that seeks to make learning environments as accessible as possible. For historically minoritized students this is critically important, although we all benefit when we embrace and implement UDL. Participants will have opportunities to share and exchange ideas during this workshop.

Location: Zoom Link

Pathway: Diversity & Demographics

Session #: S1:04

Title: Take Action Against Climate Grief
Presenters: Abigail Zoger, Caprice Disbrow, Katie Gerber, and Claudia Moura

Description: Research shows that taking action is one of the best ways to address the climate grief that we all feel - especially as wildfire season approaches. We will introduce you to a simple project that will help you and your students do just that: Climate Action Night.  In a mash up between a science fair and a civics lesson, student groups present on state bills that are making their way through the California Senate and/or Assembly, as well as local county and city policies. The goal is to show the students and the public the actions they can take to make systemic change. For teachers interested in incorporating this event into their spring semester, we provide you with the material, background information and templates needed for students.  We can even provide a mentor who has an expertise on the subject. There are many topics related to climate change that could be suitable for classes from the sciences, social sciences, and arts, as well as career and technical education courses.  
Come join us in to hear from faculty who have participated as well as learn how  you and your students could get involved.  All disciplines welcome and encouraged!

Location: Kunde, Room 102

Pathway: Climate Change & Sustainability

Session #: S1:05

Title: Democracy: A Filipino Love Story
Presenters: Dr. Jose Emmanuel Raymundo, Ph.D.

Description: My talk examines democracy, racial imperialism, and forgetting through a discussion of Filipino struggles for democracy in the 20th and 21st centuries. The peaceful protests of the 1986 "People Power Revolution" and the election of Corazon Aquino are juxtaposed against the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the country from 1965-1986, and Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s victory in the May 2022 presidential elections. The anti-democratic (re)turn of the Philippines is examined in relation to US colonization of the islands from 1899 to 1942 and China's aggression towards neighboring countries including the Philippines. What can we draw from these democratic anti-democratic developments in America's former colony? What does it portend for democracy in America?

Location: Kunde Hall, Room 112

Pathway: Citizenship & Democracy

Session #: S1:06

Title: Strategic Planning Update
Presenters: Jeremy Smotherman

Description: The strategic planning update session will provide SRJC employees with a recap of the planning accomplishments in spring 2022 and the planning timeline for fall 2022. This session also provides employees with an opportunity to feedback on the draft mission, vision, and value statements that were developed for our 2022-27 Strategic Plan. Lastly, the session will also discuss the importance of implementing the strategic plan in our daily and annual work activities.   

Location: Doyle, Room 146 (4246)

Pathway: General Interest

Session #: S1:07

Title: Understanding the AFA Contract: Faculty Workload
Presenters: K. Frindell Teuscher and Casandra Hillman

Description: In this workshop, we will cover faculty workload as provided in Articles 16, 17, and 32 of the AFA-District Contract. Discussion topics include: contract load and hourly load, assignment procedures, load balancing and load banking, overload, office hour requirements, and any other workload-related questions. There will be a short presentation and plenty of time for discussion and Q&A.

Location: Doyle, Room 145 (4245)

Pathway: General Interest

Session #: S1:08

Title: Optimizing Your Drupal Site
Presenters: Leila Rand and Terri Gutierrez

Description: Is your department or group Drupal website reaching the people who need to see it? If so, are they finding what they need when they get there? Learn how the Web Team can help you to optimize your site, and keep it fresh, useful and accessible to all users. In this hands-on workshop, we will share best practices, tools and resources. Bring your questions!

Location: Doyle, Room 321 (4421)

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S1:09

Title: Curriculum - Updates and Abbreviations
Presenters: Ann Foster, Josh Adams, Josh Pinaula, and Chas Crocker

Description: Curriculum is an ever-changing landscape of new guidelines, Title 5 interpretations, and local implementation. Adding all of the abbreviations to the mix can really cause one's head to spin. Join us as we review Curriculum changes at the local, state, and national level.

Location: Kunde, Room 104

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S1:10

Title: Decolonizing Education - What Could It Possibly Mean?
Presenters: Jurgen Kremer

Description: Exploration of central terms, such as coloniality/modernity, decolonization, decoloniality, indigeneity. Description of philosophical framework of decolonial education with identification of curricular implications with examples from Indigenous approaches in particular. Discussion of what a decolonial paradigm could mean for pedagogy and for class content at SRJC using examples from different psychology classes.

Location: Doyle, Room 141

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S1:11

Title: Discover (or Rediscover) SRJC Libraries
Presenters: Sheila Cunningham, Erin Daniels, Loretta Esparza, and Jessica Harris

Description: Join SRJC librarians and library staff for a tour of the Frank P. Doyle Library and explore the comprehensive resources and services available to students and the SRJC community. Together, we will navigate the new configuration of service points, a wide variety of study spaces, including technology-infused study rooms and the information commons, view the vast art collection, enjoy the expansive Sonoma County vistas, and browse the book collections. Since our students often come to libraries to find answers, the tour will conclude with an activity to ask questions.

Location: Doyle, Room 227 (4327)

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S1:12

Title: Humanizing Your Online Course for Student Success and Retention
Presenters: Alice Hampton, Lauren Mitchell Nahas, and Lisa Beach

Description: Statistics demonstrate that many students are less successful in online courses than in traditional classrooms, despite the popularity of online learning.  However, the work of Michelle Pacansky-Brock and other educators provides a framework for “humanizing” online courses to increase student engagement and retention. Come learn some basic concepts of humanizing that you can apply to your online course, including some techniques that are useful in face-to-face courses also.

Location: Kunde, Room 103

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S1:13

Title: Trauma-Responsive Classrooms
Presenters: Stacie Sather and Brijit Aleman

Description: We will be discussing the importance of creating a trauma-responsive classroom environment and presenting strategies to best support our students through trauma-responsive teaching practices.

Location: Race, Room 4035

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S1:14

Title: Practical Emergency Preparedness
Presenters: Dawn Carter

Description: There is a large amount of information available regarding emergency preparedness.  We will look at a few Emergency Preparedness checklists, resources, and products to determine what might be most relevant to you.  We will discuss generator safety due to Sonoma County's frequent (planned & unplanned) power outages.  This presentation is interactive.  Questions and conversations focusing on improving personal and professional preparedness are encouraged.

Location: Doyle, Room 140

Pathway: Wellness & Safety


Session 2: 12:50 PM - 2:20 PM



Session #:S2:01

Title: 10 Ways to Promote Equity (CANCELLED)
Presenters: Dr. Bita Bookman, Dr. Luz Navarrette García, and Margarita Gonzalez Jordan

Description: Come to this workshop and learn 10 ways to build more equity into your work with students at SRJC. From teaching tips to engagement strategies to cross-cultural communication, we will share practical ideas that have been shown to boost learning and cultivate belonging. Two of the presenters attended the 2022 National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE), and they are excited to share specific methods that equity minded, antiracist educators across the United States have found successful. This workshop is appropriate for faculty, allied faculty, and classified professionals who work directly with students.


Pathway: Diversity & Demographics

Session #: S2:02

Title: Introducing SRJC's AMMENAA
Presenters: Solen Sanli Vasquez, Purnur Ozbirinci, Johnny Sarraf,  Robin Eurgubian, Nasrin Naraghi, and Aylin Atilgan Relyea

Description: Please join us to learn about SRJC's newly formed Arab, Muslim, Middle Eastern, North African Association (AMMENAA) and come to hear the experiences of AMMENAA faculty and staff in the United States and at SRJC. Centering our lived experiences within the vast and diverse ethnic and cultural groups known broadly as the "Middle East", we will discuss how social, historical, and familial contexts have impacted our notions of self, belonging, and our communities.  Egypt, Turkey, Armenia, and Iran will be represented on this panel.

Location: Doyle, Room 141

Pathway: Diversity & Demographics

Session #: S2:03

Title: LGBTQIA+ Cultural Competency
Presenters: Positive Images

Description: Positive Images provides LGBTQIA+ Cultural Competency trainings and presentations to schools, businesses, and community groups across Sonoma County. Over the last three decades we have worked with local universities, high, middle, and elementary schools to provide both educators and students a culturally responsive understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community and of the unique needs of LGBTQIA+ students in the classroom and beyond. Together we explore definitions and terminology, learn strategies of effective allyship, and discuss resources for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Location: Doyle, Room 146 (4246)

Pathway: Diversity & Demographics

Session #: S2:04

Title: Our Experience of Becoming an Anti-Racist Psychology Discipline
Presenters: Catherine Williams, Jurgen Kremer, Noelle LaVoie, Brenda Flyswithhawks, and Erin Sullivan

Description: We invite our colleagues to join us to hear how the Psychology Discipline faculty have joined over the last two years to make efforts towards becoming an anti-racist discipline. We will humbly share our experience of not knowing how to do this work and finding our way through open and honest dialogue. We will share our curriculum revision work for PSYCH 1A, including how we are honoring indigenous wisdom, science, and knowledge as well as critically situating western science in colonization and racism. We invite our colleagues to consider what anti-racist work looks like in their departments and at SRJC as a whole as well as how this work transforms ourselves, our students, and our community.

Location: Zoom Link

Pathway: Diversity & Demographics

Session #: S2:05

Title: Know Your Academic Senate
Presenters: Nancy Persons and the AS Executive Committee

Description: Are you new faculty at SRJC or have been here for a while but don't really know how your Academic Senate works? Do you wonder what the scope and purpose of the Academic Senate are? Do you want to know how to share your concerns? Please join members of your Academic Senate Executive Committee where we we will answer these questions and engage in conversation about the role your Academic Senate plays here at SRJC, and the role of our statewide Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges.

Location: Doyle, Room 145 (4245) or Zoom Link

Pathway: General Interest

Session #: S2:06

Title: SEIU Membership Meeting
Presenters: SEIU Classified Executive Council

Description: This session is for Classified Professionals. Please bring questions, concerns, and suggestions for your union representatives. If you would like to submit questions in advance, please email them to seiu.cec@santarosa.edu.

Location: Zoom Link

Pathway: General Interest

Session #: S2:07

Title: Movin' Out:  Planning the Transition to the Lindley Center for STEM Education
Presenters: Victor Tam, STEM Faculty & Staff, & Capital Projects

Description: The Lindley Center for STEM Education will be opening Fall 2023 with occupancy planned for June 2023. This will allow for two months to move the Chemistry, Physics, Math, MESA, and Engineering & Applied Technology programs from multiple locations into this new space. This workshop will focus on identifying the necessary logistical support and anticipated challenges with one of the largest instructional moves at SRJC.

Location: Kunde, Room 112

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S2:08

Title: Teach Students to Fish: Informational Interviews to Gain Cultural Capital to Enhance Career Awareness
Presenters: Abigail Zoger and Cortney Schultz

Description: All faculty share an important role in facilitating students' career awareness. This informational interview skill can be incorporated into any transfer-level  course to better guide our students toward their career goals.  We have a Canvas module and straight forward instructions that can be easily adapted to different courses and disciplines.

Location: Doyle, Room 140

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S2:09

Title: Classroom/Workplace Response to a Critical Incident
Presenters: Daniel James & Brandon Fleetwood

Description: An introduction for staff and faculty on what to do in the event of a critical incident on the district.  Topics to be covered:  Safety tips for in and out of the workspace, preparation you can do to be ready in the event of a critical incident, overview of first responders response to a critical incident, and an overview of campus safety equipment.

Location: Kunde, Room 101

Pathway: Wellness & Safety

Session #: S2:10

Title: COVID Updates for Sonoma County and California
Presenters: Dr. Sundari Mase and Rebecca Norwick, NP

Description: Dr. Mase, Sonoma County’s Deputy Health Officer, and Rebecca Norwick, SRJC Director of Student Health, will provide an update on the status of the effects of the Coronavirus, including the impact of the latest strains, along with prevention tips for moving forward through the ongoing pandemic. Rebecca Norwick will share her expertise and data on SRJC students and employees in relation to the COVID epidemic.  Moderated by Lauralyn Larsen, participants will have opportunity at the end of the workshop to ask questions of the presenters. This is a zoom only presentation.  Workshop Recording.

Location: Zoom Link

Pathway: Wellness & Safety

Session #: S2:11

Title: Strategies for Resolving Conflict & De-escalating Disruptive Situations
Presenters: B:CARE Team

Description: Bringing insights from their work with disruptive situations, both inside and outside the classroom, the B:CARE team will discuss de-escalation techniques and strategies to restore an environment conducive to learning and success.

Location: Bertolini, Room 4734

Pathway: Wellness & Safety


Session 3: 2:40 PM - 4:10 PM



Session #: S3:01

Title: Americans with Disabilities Act: The Basics
Presenters: Kimberly Starke

Description: A look at the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) from a historical perspective, and how it applies to SRJC employees and students currently.

Location: Doyle, Room 140

Pathway: Diversity & Demographics

Session #: S3:02

Title: SEIU Membership Meeting
Presenters: SEIU Classified Executive Council

Description: This session is for Classified Professionals. Please bring questions, concerns, and suggestions for your union representatives. If you would like to submit questions in advance, please email them to seiu.cec@santarosa.edu.

Location: Doyle, Room 146 (4246)

Pathway: General Interest

Session #: S3:03

Title: Fireside Chat: An Opportunity for Conversation and Community Building with President Frank Chong and the Vice Presidents
Presenters: Frank Chong, Gene Durand, Kate Jolley, Robert Ethington, and Robert Holcomb

Description: Please join us to connect, ask questions and discuss updates on SRJC's current priorities, challenges and plans for the upcoming semester.

Location: Burbank Auditorium, Studio Theatre

Pathway: Leadership & Management Technology

Session #: S3:04

Title: ESL Department Workshop (CANCELLED)
Presenters: Luz Garcia and Daniela Kingwill

Description: This afternoon workshop is for ESL faculty to collaborate on department activities such as revising common assessments for ESL levels, discussing hybrid and in-person protocols, and other topics of interest decided by the department.


Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S3:05

Title: Up Your Game: New Databases & Collections from SRJC Libraries
Presenters: Sheila Cunningham, Erin Daniels, Loretta Esparza, Jessica Harris, and Phyllis Usina

Description: Discover how SRJC Libraries' exciting new databases and collections can help advance principles of DEIA in your curriculum! In this asynchronous interactive session, explore the possibilities for incorporating library materials, including primary sources, as Librarians highlight sample content, navigation tips, and strategies for teaching & learning. This innovative offering allows you to prioritize where to focus your time and is relevant for in-person, online and hybrid instruction. Self-enroll via this Canvas link: https://canvas.santarosa.edu/enroll/BRFF7K.

Location: Online/Asynchronous. Self-enroll via this Canvas link: https://canvas.santarosa.edu/enroll/BRFF7K

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S3:06

Title: Preview of Coming (Tech) Events!
Presenters: Kevin Snyder

Description: If it's one thing in technology that's a constant - it's change. Security needs, system updates, new tools to make our jobs more secure and efficient. We will discuss upcoming changes, like the new ERP, password size updates, expanded use of Multifactor Authentication, and MORE!

Location: Doyle, Room 141

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S3:07

Title: A Conversation with our Chief of Police
Presenters: Chief Brownlee

Description: An invitation to members of our community to meet informally with the SRJC District Police Chief and have a discussion about safety on campus, crime trends, police practices, and community concerns.  The Chief will present and facilitate a discussion on how the police and people in our community can best work together to increase safety on campus so we can achieve the District's educational and institutional goals..

Location: Doyle Reading Room, 436 (4520)

Pathway: Wellness & Safety

Session #: S3:08

Title: Pickup Soccer!
Presenters: Benjamin Goldstein

Description: Come play pickup soccer! All skill levels welcome. We'll divide into 7v7 groups and organize by skill level. Have fun, get good exercise, and make new friends.

Location: Bailey Field

Pathway: Wellness & Safety

Session #: S3:09

Title: Equity in Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake
Presenters: Rebecca Norwick

Description: Learn about efforts at SRJC to address social determinates of health and vaccine rates among students and employees.

Location: Doyle, 145 (4245)

Pathway: Wellness & Safety


Session 4: 12:50 PM - 4:10 PM



Session #: S4:01

Title: DE Open House
Presenters: The Distance Ed Team

Description: Drop into Distance Ed, to learn about the services and resources we have available to faculty and staff.  The open house will feature some exciting Ed Tech tools that can enhance your courses, information and support for video creation and captioning services, and some Canvas essentials.  We'll have staff on-hand in Zoom and in-person in the Center for Teaching and Learning.  Beverages and snacks will be provided.  We hope you can join us!

Location: Doyle, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (Room 4421) OR https://santarosa-edu.zoom.us/j/5046270068

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S4:02

Title: Toward Creating a Strategic DEIA Plan for the Chemistry/Physics Department
Presenters: Chemistry/Physics Department

Description: We will spend the time to start drafting a DEIA statement for our department..

Location: Bech, Room 1901

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S4:03

Title: Industrial & Trade Technology (ITT) Department Curriculum Development
Presenters: Jesse Kosten

Description: The ITT Department will be working on building new curriculum to modernize the course offerings to support advanced transportation.

Location: Lounibos

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support

Session #: S4:04

Title: English Department: Pedagogy & Praxis for Freshman Composition
Presenters: Sheryl Cavales Doolan & English Faculty

Description: This session is intended to provide English Department faculty space for learning about and sharing innovative, equity-oriented pedagogy and theory-informed practices for freshman composition (English 1A). Topics will include contract grading/ungrading, honoring Students' Right to Their Own Language, revising curriculum through an equity lens, and designing meaningful SLO assessment.

Location: Kunde, Room 201

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support





Session #: PRE:01

Title: Up Your Game: New Databases & Collections from SRJC Libraries
Presenters: Sheila Cunningham, Erin Daniels, Loretta Esparza, Jessica Harris, and Phyllis Usina

Description: Discover how SRJC Libraries' exciting new databases and collections can help advance principles of DEIA in your curriculum! In this asynchronous interactive session, explore the possibilities for incorporating library materials, including primary sources, as Librarians highlight sample content, navigation tips, and strategies for teaching & learning. This innovative offering allows you to prioritize where to focus your time and is relevant for in-person, online and hybrid instruction. Self-enroll via this Canvas link: https://canvas.santarosa.edu/enroll/BRFF7K.

Location: Online/Asynchronous. Self-enroll via this Canvas link: https://canvas.santarosa.edu/enroll/BRFF7K

Pathway: Teaching, Learning & Student Support