If you have any questions regarding PDA Day on Thursday, February 11th, please email Jodi Pasquini at jpasquini@santarosa.edu.

Spring 2021 - PDA Day Schedule Overview
Time Morning Schedule

Welcome & Plenary Session

10:20am - 11:50am Session I Workshops - 1.5 hour session
Time Afternoon Schedule
12:50pm - 2:20pm Session 2 Workshops - 1.5 hour session
2:20pm - 2:40pm Break
2:40pm - 4:10pm Session 3 Workshops - 1.5 hour session
12:50pm - 4:10pm Session 4 Workshops - 3 hour session
All Day Pre-Recorded Workshops - Pre-recorded workshops feature Vision Resources Center Trainings, to create an account, please see this link.

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Plenary Lecture 8:30AM-10:00AM


Public Women: Sex, Power, and Portraiture in the Mexican Archives

Juana María Rodríguez

In 1865, Maximillian I, ordered all sex workers in Mexico City to submit their name and a photograph of their likeness into a public registry called “Registro de Mujeres Públicas,” [Registry of Public Women]. This talk examines that unique archival text to consider the role of photography in relation to the surveillance and criminalization of prostitution and the state’s efforts to control access to public space and private bodies in this early moment of Mexican nation-building.  




Morning Workshops
Session 1
10:20 AM - 11:50


Session #: S1:01
Title: Join the Umoja Learning Community and Become Umojafied
Presenters: Michael Hale, Byron Reaves, Jesekah Loggins, Regina Mahiri

Description: Umoja actively seeks to welcome, engage, and empower all of its students-with a particular focus on Black students-through a curriculum and pedagogy responsive to the legacy of African and African American cultures. In this workshop you will learn more about Umoja Practices and the Umoja Supported program. Our goal is to expand the professors involved in our learning community.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S1:02
Title: Psychology as an Anti-Racist Discipline
Presenters: Catherine Williams, Jurgen Kremer

Description: An opportunity for Psychology discipline colleagues to engage in building anti-racist curriculum in our classes. We will honor our unique areas of professional expertise and life experience and generously share with each other how we develop anti-racist growth in our students by specifically bringing forward: anti-racist psychology teaching resources, researchers and clinicians of color that we celebrate, strategies for supporting uncomfortable conversations/exploration, and our personal preparation for this work. This activity is open only to Psychology faculty so that we may have safe space to openly explore anti-racism in our curriculum. This is not a required department activity, and is a choice for interested Psychology faculty.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S1:03
Title: Conversation with Dr. Juana María Rodriguez
Presenters: Dr. Juana María Rodriguez

Description:This workshop is being offered as a follow-up to the plenary presentation as an opportunity for our college community to meet Dr. Juana Maria Rodriguez to discuss her presentation on ‘Public Women: Sex, Power, and Portraiture in the Mexican Archives’

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics, and Teaching, Learning, and Student Support.

Session #: S1:04
Title: Moving Forward to Virtual Tutoring
Presenters: Tutorial Center Staff

Description: This is a great opportunity for us to share our data, insights, and AHA moments from tutoring online. We will discuss our services and plans as we move forward to another semester of virtual tutoring.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S1:05
Title: Empowering SRJC Faculty
Presenters: Anne Donegan, Alexa Forrester, K. Frindell Teuscher, S. Martin, M. Ohkubo, K. Stanley, J. Thompson, L. Wagner

Description: Our vision of an empowered faculty is one in which every faculty member understands how they can influence institutional processes and working conditions at SRJC and in which all faculty members are encouraged and welcomed to do so. This session - hosted by representatives from the Academic Senate, AFA, and Department Chairs Council - will provide (a) a brief overview of the democratically-elected faculty bodies that play key roles in shaping the institution, (b) a brief run-down of the various forces that can and do threaten faculty empowerment, and (c) an open-ended discussion and listening session regarding how we can more fully enable an empowered faculty. All faculty members are welcome! This session may be particularly valuable to newer faculty who are still trying to figure out how this place works or to any faculty interested in how they can effectively advocate for the SRJC they want.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S1:06
Title: Captive Audiences: Hosting District-Wide Events via Zoom
Presenters: Nate Musser

Description: In this workshop targeted toward event organizers, attendees will learn how to best present different content to a large audience in a virtual setting. Webinar licensing, Zoom security best practices, and a deeper dive into Zoom settings that help make an event pop, will all be discussed during the session. Please note: This workshop will *not* be an introduction course. To get the most from the session, attendees should have a basic grasp of Zoom and its core functions.

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S1:07
Title: The Working Remotely IT Toolbox
Presenters: Brandon Browning

Description: You wouldn't use a hammer to drive in a screw. We have many tools to help you work remotely. Discover which tool fits best and some best practices for working remotely with solutions from the Information Technology Department.

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S1:08
Title: Self-Help Acupressure to Reduce Stress & Reset Your Resilience
Presenters: Deborah Myers

Description: Self-Help Acupressure can help you turn the corner towards a healthier, more productive, and happier life, both personally and professionally. You will discover how simple energy tips can reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and clarity, boost vitality, and improve performance in all you do, including exercise, sports, and creative activities. These techniques also relieve pain, boost immunity, improve sleep patterns, and heal from injuries. Discover how you can quickly relieve discomfort from chronic conditions. You will learn practices that help manage feelings and emotions, increase self-esteem, aid mindfulness, and improve personal, family, and workplace dynamics. See how YOU can support your own physical, mental, and emotional health! (see information about workshops and workplace wellness  programs at www.deborahmyerswellness.com). Please see this handout for this workshop.


Pathway: Wellness & Safety

Session #: S1:09
Title: Quickly Access Your Well-Being
Presenters: Susan Dunn, M.A.

Description: In this workshop, we will tap into the innate human ability to re-regulate the mind, body and spirit. Even though trauma may temporarily cause us to forget to use healthy skills, practicing together in a safe learning community reinforces our power to change how we feel. Simple mind-body medicine tools such as breathing, guided meditations, writing, and movement can help us quickly access our own well-being, leading to better health, relationships, creativity, and productivity. No matter what the source of stress may be, relief is truly possible. You really can feel better fast!

Pathway: Wellness & Safety


Session #: S1:10
Title: Effective Work Families: Harnessing Your Happiness Hormones
Presenters: Nick Lawrence

Description: This 90 minute workshop demonstrates how practicing basic kindness and other human interactions help us and our colleagues produce and maintain proper levels of happiness hormones (Dopamine, Serotonin, Cortisol, Oxytocin, and Endorphins) in our brains and bodies. We will look at the 5 Languages of Love Appreciation at Work, how the languages relate to the hormones and their functions, what we need individually, and how to use this information as a team to have a healthy and vibrant work family. Please print out all handouts and take the love language quiz ahead of time; leave the rest for the workshop. Also, have 5 colored markers or pencils available, including black, for use during the workshop. Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3, Handout 4

Pathway: Workplace Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills


Afternoon Workshops
Session 2
12:50 PM - 2:20 PM


Session #: S2:01
Title: Data Dive
Presenters: Megan Rhodes

Description: This session will dive into different data sources via the SRJC Factbook and surveys OIR has conducted to better understand the experiences of our students from both pre- and post-COVID times.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S2:02
Title: SRJC's Title V HSI Lanzamiento Initiative, An Overview and Invitation
Presenters:Dr. Robert Holcomb, Laura Larque

Description: In 2014, Santa Rosa Junior College gained the designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution from the US Department of Education, making SRJC eligible to apply for HSI grants. This workshop will provide an overview of SRJC's five-year, $2.82 million, Title V HSI grant, awarded in 2020, and it's compelling "Lanzamiento" initiative. Grant goals, activities, measurable outcomes, target populations, key stakeholders, and strategic directions will be discussed. Furthermore, tangible ways by which all SRJC employees can support Latinx and low-income students through the Title V HSI "Lanzamiento" initiative will be examined.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S2:03
Title: Fireside Chat: An Opportunity for Conversation and Community-Building with Dr. Chong and the Vice Presidents.
Presenters: Dr. Frank Chong, Pedro Avila, Jane Saldaña-Talley, Sarah Hopkins, Kate Jolley

Description: Please join us to connect, ask questions and discuss updates on SRJC's current priorities and challenges.

Pathway: Leadership Development and Management Techniques

Session #: S2:04
Title: Excel Pivot Tables
Presenters: Robert Caruso

Description: The more data an Excel table contains, the more difficult it can be to make sense of the data. Once you bring Excel data into a PivotTable, you can arrange the data by categories such as department or gender that make it easy to detect patterns in the data. Please have this excel file ready to go.

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S2:05
Title: Identity Services - what's it good for? A LOT!
Presenters: Kevin Snyder, Dan Exelby

Description: An exciting look into the (not very) mysterious world of our new Identity Services system PortalGuard. More so than ever in the time of COVID, this product will save you time, and protect your (and the District's) data. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss 90 minutes good-bye! And, if you're not careful, you will learn some cool stuff.

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S2:06
Title: Curious about Curriculum?
Presenters: Ann Foster, Josh Adams, Chas Crocker, Adrienne Leihy

Description: No question is too big or too small as we dive into the intricacies that is Curriculum. This session will begin with a short introduction of the players and the process, followed by a brief discussion of the newly revised Curriculum Writer's Handbook, and ending with a Q&A session.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S2:07
Title: Open Educational Resources and Remote Instruction, An Issue of Equity
Presenters: Jen Carlin-Goldberg and Canon Crawford

Description: Now, more than ever, our students need resources that are low cost, accessible, and easily available. Many of our students can't afford to buy expensive publisher-curated textbooks. They need resources that are free, resources that are accessible for our students with special needs, and resources that are easily and reliably available for students to use. On top of that, these resources need to be of a quality that match or exceed that of their expensive counterparts. Open Educational Resources (OER) can satisfy all of these requirements. Many OER have ready-built Canvas Course Shells, built by faculty and the OERI. Come learn what an OER is. Learn about the Open Education Resources Initiative, its mission to create more OER for Community Colleges to fulfill our unmet needs, and the opportunities to be a part of this statewide effort. Finally, see how you can find Open Educational Resources for your classes and what resources we have at SRJC to assist you in that effort.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S2:08
Title: Incorporating Medicinal Plants into Self-Care Routine
Presenters: Landpaths staff

Description: In this session, we will learn about some plants you can introduce to your home or into your self-care routines. As some of the most ancient beings on this planet, plants have evolved and adapted to shape the landscape and our ways of survival, giving us food and tools. Spiritually and emotionally, plants have been used as essential life sources and have provided our ancestors with an immeasurable amount of support, as they continue to do so today. However, the more technological advances we make as a society at large the more we tend to forget about our plant relatives and ancestral knowledge about them.

Pathway: Wellness & Safety

Session #: S2:09
Title: SEIU Brown Bag Meeting
Presenters: SEIU Classified Executive Council

Description: This session is for Classified Professionals. Come learn what your union is doing for you and bring questions for your union representatives.

Pathway: Workplace Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills


Afternoon Workshops
Session 3
2:40 PM - 4:10 PM


Session #: S3:01
Title: What It Means to be Human: Ideologies of Racism from Religious Racial Development to Pseudoscience
Presenters: Laura Larque and Leticia Contreras

Description: Historical views on the development of ideologies of racism. How these ideologies came into existence and their subsequent reinforcement based on biologized notions of race and sex.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S3:02
Title: Living Undocumented in a World of Uncertainty
Presenters: Rafael Vazquez

Description: Undocumented students live day-to-day with no idea if they or their families will be here tomorrow. Many parents also were deemed essential workers and were not given the right training and tools to prevent COVID. The fires arrived and many families went to work only a short distance from the fires and without protection. In October 2020, ICE decided to come to our communities as they do every election to detain some individuals. Thousands of our current and prospective students are living as undocumented and with an uncertain future. During this presentation I will discuss what can be done to support our current and prospective students and how we become allies that create equitable access to education.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S3:03
Title: Department Equity Analysis
Presenters: The DRD SET Committee

Description: Develop a DRD Equity Analysis framework/process: to create a truly student-centered, equity minded, transformational institution requires interrogating current practices, policies and procedures for bias and institutional racism. We will examine why do we do the things we do? Who is not represented, underserved or adversely affected?

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Session #: S3:04
Title: California Community College Developmental Mathematics, Pre- and Post-AB 705
Presenters: Carlos Valencia

Description: Developmental mathematics instruction throughout the California Community College (CCC) system has a long and storied history. During the first half-hour of the presentation I will highlight some key aspects of that history prior to 2019. During the second half-hour of the presentation I will incorporate the results of my Fall 2020 Sabbatical to discuss how CCC developmental mathematics instruction has now been largely incorporated into transfer-level mathematics courses as a result of AB 705. Lastly, during the final half-hour of the presentation I will moderate a discussion amongst presentation participants regarding possible future directions of transfer-level mathematics courses in light of AB 705.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support 

Session #: S3:05
Title: Increase Student Engagement and Avoid Zoom Fatigue
Presenters: Lauren Nahas and Michele Larkey

Description: Bueller?...Bueller? Feel like you're talking to yourself in those zoom sessions? This hands-on workshop will cover research-based strategies for maintaining active student engagement in your virtual class sessions. You will come away with ideas, tools, and a basic plan for a creating engaging synchronous online class sessions.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S3:06
Title: Sharpen your Admissions and Records Knowledge
Presenters: Mitch Leahy and Debbie Riedmuller

Description: How do I submit my grades or help a student with applying and registering? Is it a FERPA violation if I release this student information? How does a student file an incomplete? How do I sign a petition for a student? These questions and more will be addressed in this two part A&R workshop. 
The first part of the session is specifically geared to inform faculty and department admins about the faculty portal and grading. The second part is useful to all employees of the District who interact with students.
Part 1: Instructor and department admin specific training   1. Rosters in faculty portal and submitting on time
2. Grade changes in faculty portal
3. Certifying census rosters
4. Incomplete grades
Part 2: Instructor, admin and all other staff training
5. Application (Basic directions on how to guide students to the application)
6. Registration (basic direction on the new student portal and how students can register)
7. Electronic forms (basic overview of the forms with emphasis on the faculty experience with approving forms)
8. FERPA (basic direction about FERPA and the District FAQ site can be found)

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support 

Session #: S3:07
Title: Equity in Online Course Design and Practices
Presenters: Lisa Beach, Ann Foster, Alice Hampton

Description: Much research into student success in online coursework shows that our most vulnerable student populations are also the groups that are least successful in online classes. However, there are specific practices that have been shown to increase student success and promote equity in online course completion. We'll look at the Peralta Online Equity Rubric and discuss specific practices and elements of course design that help increase student success. Please see the PowerPoint for this lecture here.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S3:08
Title: Make Escape work for you!
Presenters: Linda Close & Stephanie Dirks

Description: Make Escape work for you! Come join us as we present some tips and tricks to maximize search results, explore export options, get the most out of your Escape reports, and save you time! There will also be an opportunity for general Q&A. If you have questions you would like to see addressed, please email sdirks@santarosa.edu.

Pathway: Technology

Session #: S3:09
Title: Drones: Do They Fit Into Your Program?
Presenters: Donald Laird

Description: Explore the results of researching how and where drone-related courses are taught in community colleges throughout the state of California. See whether your program could benefit from adding drone technology.

Pathway: Technology


Afternoon Workshops
Session 4
12:50 PM - 4:10 PM


Session #: S4:1
Title: Stronger Together: The Senate and AFA's Areas of Responsibility and Overlap
Presenters: Anne Donegan, K. Frindell Teuscher, Sean Martin, Julie Thompson

Description: A strong Academic Senate and a strong All Faculty Association bolster the voice and protect the rights of the faculty. The responsibility and right of the Senate to advise on "academic and professional matters" is defined in law; a union's right and responsibility to bargain on specific subjects is likewise defined in law. In addition to identifying the scope of each body's responsibility, the law also identifies areas of overlap between unions and senates. AFA and Senate representatives will host a conversation that helps to deepen the faculty's understanding of and appreciation for the respective purview of each body, as well as areas of overlap. Our goals are to foster understanding and respect and to support effective exercise of the faculty's voice through the democratically elected, representative bodies of the SRJC Academic Senate and the All Faculty Association. All faculty members are welcome!

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support

Session #: S4:2
Title: Behavioral Sciences Retreat, Part II
Presenters: Rima DasGupta, Jurgen Kremer, John Stover, and Brianna Thomsen

Description: This session is for Behavioral Sciences faculty to discuss and report on follow-up work to our anti-racism retreat in November.

Pathway: Diversity and Demographics

Pre-Recorded Workshops - Pre-recorded workshops feature Vision Resources Center Trainings, to create an account, please see this link.
Available all day

Session #: PRE:1
Title: Exploring My Brain on Forums
Presenters: Norman Rose, PhD

Description: This presentation analyzes a process of evaluating and responding to student posts on online forums. This was previously delivered to faculty at American Public University.

Pathway: Teaching, Learning, and Student Support
Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:2
Title: Nifty cool Photoshop features
Presenters: Donald Laird

Description: Adobe recently released Photoshop 2021, which includes a bunch of cool new features. Come see demonstrations of the new features, including Sky Replacement command, Neural filters, and Pattern Preview Mode

Pathway: Technology
Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:4
Title: PowerPoint Basics
Presenters: Norman Rose

Description: Learn the basics of PowerPoint to create slideshows to present to your class or colleagues. Learn how to keep your audience awake and get help putting your presentations on Zoom. Feel free to use handout 1 and handout 2 as a reference for this presentation.

Pathway: Technology
Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:5
Title: Meditation for Everyone
Presenters: Bette Smith

Description: Meditation is a valuable tool that changes your brain and enhances your life. Just a short amount of time spent in meditation carries over into our busy lives. During this workshop we will experience meditation together in a virtual classroom setting. I will talk about the benefits of meditation and give you some resources for practicing meditation on your own.

Pathway: Wellness & Safety
Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:15
Title: Yoga Flow
Presenters: Tara Jacobson

Description:Join Tara Jacobson with a Yoga Flow practice

Pathway:Wellness & Safety
Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:6
Title: Outlook.com Essential Training
Presenters: Jess Stratton

Description: Follow along with Jess Stratton as she walks you through Outlook.com, the popular web-based email and calendaring solution from Microsoft. Jess begins the course with a tour of the Outlook.com interface; she provides you with tips on how to customize the theme and display settings and gives you a quick introduction to Skype instant messaging. Next, learn everything you need to know about email - how to send, read, and reply to messages; work with attachments and OneDrive files; and organize and search for emails. Jess explains how to adjust your settings to create a mail signature, add accounts, and more. She also provides in-depth tips on creating, editing, and managing contacts, as well as scheduling appointments and meetings with the Calendar.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:7
Title: Learning Word Desktop (Office 365)
Presenters: Nick Brazzi

Description:Get started with Microsoft Word for Office 365. In this course, staff instructor Nick Brazzi explains the very basics of Word, concentrating on the techniques that beginning users need to know to create, format, and save new documents. Nick covers text formatting and page layout, including tools for making sections and columns. He also shows how to work with images and insert headers, footers, and page numbers into your document. The course is concise - ideal for learning on your lunchtime or even on your commute. By the end, you should feel confident using Word and have the skills to create simple, professional-looking documents.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:8
Title: Learning PowerPoint Desktop (Office 365)
Presenters: Garrick Chow

Description:Get started with PowerPoint for Office 365. This course is for anyone who's new to PowerPoint and would like to create and present slideshows and presentations. Staff instructor Garrick Chow begins by showing how to create a new presentation from scratch or by choosing a template from the hundreds available in the PowerPoint Presentation Gallery. Next, Garrick explains how to add content such as text, images, audio and video, and even links in PowerPoint slides. You can also learn how to add engagement with animated transitions, and export, share, and deliver your presentation.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:9
Title: Learning Excel 2019
Presenters: David Rivers

Description: Microsoft Excel puts a wealth of functionality at your fingertips. This course was designed to focus on the most essential of these functions, covering the features and capabilities that brand-new users need to get going with the 2019 version of Excel. Instructor David Rivers covers creating and opening workbooks, entering text and numbers, working with formulas, basic formatting, inserting charts, and sharing and printing workbooks. Upon wrapping up this course, you'll have the skills you need to start building easy-to-use, accurate spreadsheets with this hugely popular program.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:10
Title: Learning Skype for Business
Presenters: Gini Courter

Description:This course helps you understand and use Skype for Business, the enterprise version of the popular conferencing and communication app from Microsoft. First see what plans are available, then see how to best Skype with contacts. Author Gini Courter also explores the instant messaging (IM), audio, and video features, including how to send files, start and join conversations, and add contacts to existing calls and IMs. Plus, learn to schedule meetings and poll participants, use the presenter toolkit, and connect with mobile devices.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:11
Title: Learning SharePoint Online
Presenters: Gini von Courter

Description: SharePoint Online- the powerful collaboration platform from Microsoft - can help you and your team more easily collaborate on documents, create applications, and share common resources. In this course, get the skills you need to work effectively with SharePoint Online team sites, as well as access the most used features of SharePoint Online. Gini von Courter demonstrates how to leverage the new features of the SharePoint modern experience to collect and distribute information, share resources, customize your user experience, use SharePoint with Office apps, and sync SharePoint with your computer and mobile devices

Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:12
Title: Managing Depression in the Workplace
Presenters: Dr. Srini Pillay

Description:Depression has the curious ability to drain the color out of life, turning even the most mundane tasks into challenges. When even getting out of bed is difficult, how are you supposed to manage when you arrive at the office? While no amount of grit can make this condition disappear, there are simple strategies that you can employ to make it through the bad days - and even improve your well-being and productivity in the process. In this course, join Dr. Srini Pillay, a certified master executive coach and part-time assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, as he shares practical techniques that can help individuals dealing with depression approach their work more effectively and reach out for the support they need. Learn how to better manage your mood and fatigue, broach the subject of depression with coworkers, manage and lead others when you're depressed, and more. Note: This course is intended to provide a general overview of mental health issues in the workplace, as well as general wellness tips that may be helpful to employees. This course should not be viewed as providing any diagnosis, or treatment advice for depression or any other medical condition. Any individual with depression or questions about their medical condition should consult their personal healthcare professional.

Pathway:Wellness & Safety
Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:13
Title: Learning Zoom
Presenters: Garrick Chow

Description: Collaborate more seamlessly using Zoom, the popular video conferencing tool. In this course, staff instructor Garrick Chow shows how to schedule, moderate, and participate in Zoom meetings. Garrick begins by showing how to set up your Zoom account and adjust audio and video settings. Next, he walks through joining and participating in meetings scheduled by others. Garrick covers how to use a variety of options during meetings such as adjusting views, muting your microphone, turning your video camera on and off, and sharing your screen. Finally, Garrick demonstrates how to host your own Zoom meetings, from scheduling and adjusting moderator settings to recording meetings.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

Session #: PRE:14
Title: Time Management: Working from Home
Presenters: Dave Crenshaw

Description:Working from home is a wonderful opportunity, but time management can be a challenge. With so many demands on your time and attention, it's a tricky balancing act to stay productive. In this course, bestselling author and productivity expert Dave Crenshaw offers best practices for anyone who works full-time or occasionally from home. Dave begins by showing how to set up a dedicated workspace for maximum productivity, including tips on setting up your computer to ensure you stay focused. Then Dave walks through how to craft your daily schedule for peak productivity and plan meaningful breaks to avoid burnout. He explains how to collaborate with remote coworkers, including how to use virtual meetings productively. Finally, Dave offers advice for working parents and other caregivers who might be balancing professional and personal responsibilities in the home.

Pathway:Workplace Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills
Pre-Recorded Presentation